Bo Bangor and Santiago Rodriguez - CockSure Men

Two Studs Enjoy Bareback Sex Under the Floridian Sunshine

While CockSure Men is based in California, this bareback update featuring Bo Bangor and Santiago Rodriguez was filmed in Florida. These two were relaxing under the Florida sun, which would have led to their hormones heating up and pushing them into sexual overdrive, with the outdoor setting the perfect place to explore all the sweating and intense sexual pleasure they could endure. There’s all sorts of sizzling sex taking place in this video, from kissing, to cock sucking, ass licking, then to hardcore bareback fucking, with Bo banging Santiago’s ass with his bare dick. You can tell these two were having loads of fun in the Floridian heat and this update is another hot video waiting for you to enjoy at CockSure Men.

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Dakota White and Daniel Ross - Bare Twinks

Sexy Twink gets His Ass Drilled and Filled Bareback at Bare Twinks

Dakota White has had his fair share of being drilled and filled and in this update with Daniel Ross, he enjoys fucking from a different perspective when he uses his bare cock to raw fuck Daniel in the ass. These two have finished their studies and have some spare time on their hands, so they use it wisely and to the benefit of their natural sexual desires. They don’t waste any time stripping off and sucking each others cocks, with both guys doing a superb job of blowing each other before Dakota sticks his naked cock inside Daniel’s ass, where the two enjoy a hot session of bareback fucking in the bedroom.

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Connor Levi and Rudy Bodlak - Sweet & Raw

There’s Nothing Quite Like Bareback Fucking on the Verandah

If you like European guys barebacking, the great news is that Sweet & Raw is all about European guys barebacking. Connor Levi and Rudy Bodlak are featured in this update, where the guys are enjoying a quiet Sunday morning together, taking turns sucking each other off. The guys decide to explore more of their sexual desires, with some rimming action taking place, before Rudy decides to slide his raw cock inside Connor’s ass, where the two enjoy a hot bareback fuck on the verandah. In true European style, these guys finish off with a facial finale, the way many Euro scenes finish and leave you with that gooey feeling of greatness afterwards.

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BJ Rhubarb, Nigel Banks and Cam Christou - Lucas Entertainment

Guys Love the Feeling of Fucking Raw at Lucas Entertainment

The quality of bareback porn is improving, with more sites offering bareback action, so the standard is being raised through competition and that’s a good thing for bareback porn consumers. Lucas Entertainment is providing some top notch bareback scenes and this update is fucking hot and features BJ Rhubarb, Cam Christou and Nigel Banks. These guys fuck in a variety of positions and there’s some daisy chain sucking and flip flop fucking, all without the use of condoms, with Nigel taking two raw cocks inside his hole at the same time!

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Michael Selvaggio and Alexx Desley - Butch Dixon

Two Dutch Studs have Intense Bareback Sex at Butch Dixon

Butch Dixon was primarily a safer sex gay porn site, with condoms used whenever the guys were fucking. Several bareback scenes have been added to the site recently, so it looks like the guys there want to fuck raw and they’re experiencing the freedom that fucking without condoms provides. Michael Selvaggio and Alexx Desley are featured in this update, with both guys having impressive cock sizes, where Alexx is getting fucked raw by Michael’s huge, uncut cock. I look forward to sharing more raw scenes from Butch Dixon here with you in the future.

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Holden and Logan - Backroom Fuckers

These Horny Dudes Love Having Bareback Sex in the Backroom

Backroom Fuckers is all about what happens in the backroom and it looks like there’s loads of bareback sex taking place, considering that most of the updates at the site feature bareback action. Some of the guys prefer to use a condom, but most of the guys couldn’t care less about using rubbers, because they want to fuck raw and get the most they can out of their sexual experience. Holden and Logan are hanging out in the back room, looking for raw fun, so they hookup together and feel the pleasure of a raw cock entering a bare asshole. The great part about barebacking in the back room is that others can watch and join in too, so the possibilities can become endless as more guys experience the back room action.

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Adrian Rivers and Max Carter - Helix Studios

Bareback Sex Becomes the Perfect Elixir to Recover from a Breakup

Max Carter is moping around the house as a result of breaking up with his boyfriend and he can’t get himself out of the bad mood that he’s in. When you’re feeling this way, it’s good to know there is a solution for this problem, but solutions can vary from person to person. Adrian Rivers has the elixir to cure Max from the down in the dumps feeling he’s experiencing right now. Adrian implements the use of his cock to take the pain away and help Max through the grieving process of his relationship breakdown. Adrian finds that this works quicker than expected, with the guys locking lips, then sucking each others cocks just to start the recovery process. Adrian uses the ultimate technique to help make Max feel alive again, which happens after he slips his bare cock inside Max’s ass. These two experience the amazing experience that bareback sex has the ability to provide and it doesn’t take long for Max to move towards a happier life with Adrian’s uncut cock doing the trick. I’m sure a cut cock would be just as effective, as long as the cocks are bareback and ready to perform wonders.

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Tyler White and Ryan Fields - Broke Straight Boys

Nervous Str8 Guy Finally Calms Down with a Bare Cock in his Ass

Ryan Fields was feeling nervous, because it was his very first time getting a dick shoved up his ass. The only way to calm down when you’re in this situation is to open wide and experience the sensation, because once you endure the initial sensation caused by the sphincter muscle, your body starts to enjoy the rhythm and sensation. Tyler White uses his raw muscle to open Ryan’s ass and judging by the look on Ryan’s face, he seems pleasantly surprised by the experience, as a bare cock is pounding his tight asshole for the very first time. It looks like these two will be enjoying more bareback sex in the future, because they both seem to have enjoyed the sensation and they will definitely be wanting and needing more.

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Cole, Hunter and Richie - Maverick Men

Sexy Top with a Muscular Ass Becomes an Impressive Bottom

Cole and Hunter are the Maverick Men and they’re extremely popular, with loads of guys loving them. Cole and Hunter have a successful website, with lots of followers and guys who want to have sex with them in a video. They don’t seem to have any problems finding guys to fuck and this update with Richie is another example of this. Richie considers himself a top, but because Cole and Hunter are also tops, Richie needed to assume a bottoming role if he wanted to appear with the Maverick Men. The guys describe Richie’s ass as a true gift to all tops and he does seem to have a great body and an ass that’s begging for a raw cock to fuck him hard. Apparently Richie is a super fan of Maverick Men and has been watching the guys for a few years and wanted to hook up with them to make a bareback sex video. The time has finally come and the sex between these three guys looks pretty hot. Cole and Hunter reveal that they actually came a total of four times in this scene, so that gives you a good indication about how hot this video is!

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Andy Kay and Zack Love - Bare Twinks

Bareback Seduction Involving the Tutor and His Horny Student

When it comes to learning about sex, theory only goes so far, but practice makes perfect. Zack Love has a crush on his tutor Andy Kay and I think Andy also has feelings towards Zack, so when the right opportunity presents itself, they decide to act on their impulses and explore each other on a sexual level. It all starts with some nudity by the pool, with two hard dicks needing to be stroked and sucked. Then it’s time for the guys to retreat indoors so they can explore more intense physical encounters involving Andy’s cock sliding inside Zack’s ass, where the real fun begins. The couch is put to good use, with Zack demonstrating his desperation for Andy’s raw meat and Zack’s bare hole is ready to get pounded. The bareback fucking is intense, with the guys producing a couple of sticky loads at the end to bring this lesson in sexuality to a close. I’m sure further lessons will be required to perfect the art of bareback fucking, but their first lesson was quite impressive.

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