Engima and Jacob Lee - TIMFuck

Awesome Interracial Bareback Fucking and Semen Breeding

Treasure Island Media is notorious for producing hardcore bareback porn scenes and they are proud of it. I also love their bareback videos and that’s why I’m pleased to introduce you to this nasty (but great) bareback sex fuck flick featuring Jacob Lee getting barebacked and bred by Enigma. The fucking isn’t gentle either, with Enigma tossing Jacob around as he impales him using his bare fuck stick. The verbal commands are hot to listen to as well, like when you hear “get them grippers on it”. After Enigma fills Jacob’s ass with his hot load of jizz, Jacob sucks his cock to ensure every last drop of cum has been drained from Enigma’s cock. Enigma can’t resist sticking his cock back inside, with more bareback fucking ensuring in this hot video that you can enjoy with maximum pleasure at TIMFuck.

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Vadim Black, Donny Forza and Johnny Forza - Dallas Reeves

Two Horny Brothers Have Bareback Sex with a Sexy Bottom

Dallas Reeves tells us that Donny and Johnny Forza are brothers. They do look alike, but whether they are really brothers isn’t something I can confirm for sure. As the site refers to them being brothers, I will go along with it, because it does add to the fantasy. The Forza brothers don’t have sex with each other, but they do team up to have sex with Vadim Black, who eagerly takes on both of the brothers cocks. Vadim gets his first encounter with Donny in the shower, but he wants both Forza cocks at the same time, so the guys get together on the bed for a hot barebacking threesome. What an awesome time it looks like these guys had as they fucked raw until their loads of cum erupted from their pulsating cocks!

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Cuba Bartok and Peter Kyck - Sweet & Raw

Bareback Fucking Near an Open Window is a Thrilling Experience

Cuba Bartok and Peter Kyck get their thrills by having bareback sex near an open window. It turns them on knowing that anyone walking by on the street can look up and see them naked and fucking! Cuba and Peter put on a show, with Peter sucking Cuba, then with Cuba facing out the window, Peter buries his face in Cuba’s ass, tonguing his pink asshole. Anyone can look up at any moment and catch them in the act! When the thrill subsides and the urge to get off becomes stronger, these two take their fucking to their stairs where they can use the different heights for deeper penetration and maximum pleasure before blowing their loads. Peter sprays his jizz all over Cuba’s ass and laps it up, enjoying the taste of his own seed. When Cuba is ready, he splatters his seed all over Peter’s face, lips and tongue, and Peter happily savors the taste of his cum!

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Josh, Kev, Landon and Eli - Sketchy Sex

These Cum Hungry Dudes Cannot Get Enough Bareback Sex

It seems as though the guys featured at Sketchy Sex are starved for bareback sex and cum, because they can never get enough of it. This is the second installment in this particular series and this 29 minute bareback video will be enough to make you cum all over the place! After the hookup dude found on Craigslist had left, the guys were still hungry for more dick so they fucked each others brains out. The need for cock resulted in Eli getting penetrated by two dicks at the same time! Josh, Kev, Landon and Eli are loving the sensation of bare cocks entering raw holes and the loads flow like crazy in this hot update!

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Riley Wiggins and Cain - Jizz Addiction

Two Twinks with a Jizz Addiction Enjoy a Bareback Sex Encounter

This is the first update from Jizz Addiction I have ever featured here and it’s a hot bareback encounter between two twinks named Riley Wiggins and Cain. If you like breeding climaxes, you’re in for a treat, with some cum ending up in another guys ass after the bareback fun has reached its completion. The two cuties enjoy some sucking which makes them hard, the perfect way to be just before you have to put your stiff dick inside another dudes ass! Cain slides his naked cock inside Riley’s ass and the two enjoy bareback friction together, with Cain unloading inside Riley’s asshole. Riley then finishes off by cumming all over the place, with Cain getting a taste of the gooey nectar!

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Tae the Doug and TygaX - Raw Rods

Watch Two Horny Black Guys get Educated About Bareback Sex

You are about to see what happens when two horny black guys are studying the subject of bareback sex. TaetheDoug and TygaX begin the lesson by taking their clothes off and getting started on their sexual assignment. Tyga sucks on Tae’s big black dick, then gets bent over and his ass eaten out. The guys get into the 69 sex position to work on each other simultaneously, then Tyga gets on top of Tae and rides his raw cock for a while. That’s how it’s done! The guys move into a few different positions, including Tae mounting Tyga on all fours and drilling his cock in nice and deep. Tae buts his load all over Tyga’s ass, then shoves his freshly ejaculated cock back inside balls deep for some more fucking, using his cum as lube to breed his load deep inside for a seed exchange. After Tyga busts his load, the two horny dudes have just began to feel how great bareback fucking is and they cannot wait for their next lesson together!

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Dylan Strokes and Jay Brix - Raw Fuck Club

Check Out the Guys Who Love Barebacking at Raw Fuck Club

At Raw Fuck Club you will find a bunch of horny guys who love fucking raw. You’ll often find guys who make the switch from condom porn to bareback porn fucking raw for the first time at Raw Fuck Club, so it’s a great place to meet new guys barebacking on video for the first time. Dylan Strokes and Jay Brix are the two horny guys featured in this update fucking raw together. They aren’t afraid of an uncovered cock entering an unprotected ass and don’t need rubbers or anything coming between their sexual encounter and the pleasure they receive by doing this is apparent. These two horny fuckers enjoy the sensation of barebacking in the locker room, enjoying blowjobs before a raw cock enters a bare hole and the two fuck bareback until a creamy load is exchanged from a pulsating cock inside a hungry asshole!

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George Vidanov, Dany Ross and Jeff Paris - Sweet & Raw

Experience at the Men’s Spa Turns Sexual for Three Horny Guys

Enjoying a day at the spa can be a relaxing and invigorating experience and is the place where you go to unwind and enjoy the pleasures of life. You are about to learn what happened when Jeff Paris visited a spa and was provided with some extremely amazing service by George Vidanov and Dany Ross. This is a spa where you can get a massage on a chaise lounge by hunky masseur George and devour his fat uncut dick at the same time! When slender twink Dany walks in with an energy drink, the duo becomes a trio of greedy cock sucking and bareback fucking. George is the lucky power top who gets to fuck both, Jeff’s smooth, tanned ass as well as Dany’s hole. Jeff ends up riding George and blowing his load all over the dark-haired beefy hunk’s belly. When he leaves, George is still in the mood to fuck so Dany gives up his ass for George to stuff and pound before blowing his load inside, breeding and seeding the horny dude!

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Tyce Tisdale and Van Allin - Black Breeders

Two Horny Black Guys Enjoy Fucking Raw on the Couch

If you’re looking for a great place where you can find hot black guys barebacking, look no further than Black Breeders, because that’s where you’ll see horny black studs like Tyce Tisdale and Van Allin fucking raw. Tyce and Van are featured in this scene fucking raw on the couch. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are often the best as they say, so watch as these two guys use the couch to position themselves in some great positions so they can fuck raw. Both of these studs love fucking in front of the camera and their enthusiasm shows when you watch them go at it like a couple of dudes who are passionate about fucking raw.

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Adam Killian and Marco Milan - Lucas Entertainment

Adam Killian Makes His Bareback Porn Debut at Lucas Entertainment

For many years we have been watching Adam Killian in rubber-wrapped fucking scenes, but he has finally removed the condoms to start his bareback porn career at Lucas Entertainment. What’s more, Adam already has his first bareback DVD named “Adam Killian: Raw Wet Dream”. This is no dream, because seeing Adam Killian barebacking is now reality. Adam has received top industry honors as an exclusive performer with Lucas Entertainment and other studios, including awards for “Best Versatile Performer” and “Performer of the Year”. Don’t miss this hot scene featuring Adam Killian and Marco Milan barebacking in Adam’s very first bareback sex scene!

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