Cole, Hunter and Richie - Maverick Men

Sexy Top with a Muscular Ass Becomes an Impressive Bottom

Cole and Hunter are the Maverick Men and they’re extremely popular, with loads of guys loving them. Cole and Hunter have a successful website, with lots of followers and guys who want to have sex with them in a video. They don’t seem to have any problems finding guys to fuck and this update with Richie is another example of this. Richie considers himself a top, but because Cole and Hunter are also tops, Richie needed to assume a bottoming role if he wanted to appear with the Maverick Men. The guys describe Richie’s ass as a true gift to all tops and he does seem to have a great body and an ass that’s begging for a raw cock to fuck him hard. Apparently Richie is a super fan of Maverick Men and has been watching the guys for a few years and wanted to hook up with them to make a bareback sex video. The time has finally come and the sex between these three guys looks pretty hot. Cole and Hunter reveal that they actually came a total of four times in this scene, so that gives you a good indication about how hot this video is!

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Andy Kay and Zack Love - Bare Twinks

Bareback Seduction Involving the Tutor and His Horny Student

When it comes to learning about sex, theory only goes so far, but practice makes perfect. Zack Love has a crush on his tutor Andy Kay and I think Andy also has feelings towards Zack, so when the right opportunity presents itself, they decide to act on their impulses and explore each other on a sexual level. It all starts with some nudity by the pool, with two hard dicks needing to be stroked and sucked. Then it’s time for the guys to retreat indoors so they can explore more intense physical encounters involving Andy’s cock sliding inside Zack’s ass, where the real fun begins. The couch is put to good use, with Zack demonstrating his desperation for Andy’s raw meat and Zack’s bare hole is ready to get pounded. The bareback fucking is intense, with the guys producing a couple of sticky loads at the end to bring this lesson in sexuality to a close. I’m sure further lessons will be required to perfect the art of bareback fucking, but their first lesson was quite impressive.

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Gag and Tag - FraternityX

Bareback Power Fucking at FraternityX Ensures Satisfaction

If you love watching bareback porn, then FraternityX needs to be in your top five bareback porn sites. FraternityX has become my favorite bareback porn site, that’s how much I love the raw action featured at this site where the horny college guys are fucking each other constantly. This scene features Brad getting an intense mouth and ass fucking from Blake, Alex and Owen. When it comes to punishment, the guys at FraternityX use bareback fucking as their form of punishment, which gives them pleasure at the same time as they’re teaching the bad frats a lesson. This scene is made unique when the guys pour beer inside Brad’s ass, then shove the bottle up there, before barebacking his hole with vigor. This scene is a must and it’s waiting for you to enjoy right now at!

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Marty Bold and Tommy Rodriguez - Sweet & Raw

Two Guys Meet at College and Become Intimate Friends

This scene from Sweet & Raw has been digitally remastered for your viewing pleasure and it’s about a couple of guys who start their first year at college, where they become friends. Some guys like to get intimate with each other and pursue their friendship by exploring where they may never had ventured before. Marty Bold and Tommy Rodriguez enjoy some oral delights before they get down and dirty with some hot bareback fucking. Marty lets Tommy inside his hairy ass to have some fun and these two don’t care about using condoms, they want to feel the raw pleasure that comes from bareback fucking. These two horny guys have awesome bodies, which you can admire as you’re watching them have sex, with some freshly pumped jizz to bring this scene to its climax. I hope your cock spurts a nice load of cum after watching this scene as well!

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Ryan Fields and Romeo James - Broke Straight Boys

Two Broke Guys Receive a Cash Injection by Barebacking

Apparently the guys at Broke Straight Boys have two things in common, they are straight and they are broke. That’s why they’ve come to the same place where they can replenish their cash supplies by getting paid for the fun times they have. It works out well for us gay and bisexual guys as well, because we can watch them sucking and fucking, so we’re rewarded as well. Ryan Fields fucks Romeo James in this update, which is Ryan’s first time fucking another guy and he’s a little hesitant, but once he feels how good it is having his bare cock sliding inside another guys tight ass, he seems completely comfortable with the position he’s found himself in. Romeo helps Ryan out by guiding his cock inside his ass until Ryan’s instincts take over and the two guys get into a great rhythm which provides the two of them with some great moments of pleasure. I hope you’re also feeling the pleasure as you watch these two enjoy their encounter together, because it’s a hot update that you need to experience for yourself.

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Bay and Troi - ChaosMen

Horny Studs Enjoy Barebacking on the Public Bathroom Floor

Bay and Troi became sexually aroused when they found themselves in the public bathroom, so they had to explore where their hormones would take them. If you like watersports action, you’ll get to enjoy seeing some of this in this ChaosMen G:hOle gloryhole scene, with a few scenes like this one available at the site. You’ll also get to enjoy watching the guys sucking, rimming and bareback pounding, with Troi using his uncovered cock to work his way inside Bay’s asshole. Fans of bareback breeding are also in for a treat, with Troi squeezing out his load as Bay sits on his cock as he’s ejaculating. It seems like most of the load stayed inside, because only a small amount of bodily fluid leaked out, but it’s hot knowing that Bay was walking around with Troi’s load inside of him!

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Orlando White and Yuri Adamov - Staxus

Two Horny European Dudes Enjoy Bareback Sex in Elegant Surroundings

It doesn’t really matter where you have bareback sex, just as a long as a bare cock is entering a raw hole and that’s what you get in this update from Staxus. Yuri Adamov and Orlando White are the two European dudes in this update and while they could have enjoyed barebacking together in just about any location, they decide to incorporate some elegance into their sexual encounter by having bareback sex in a room that feels luxurious. Orlando slips his uncovered cock inside Yuri’s hole and these two sexy guys enjoy barebacking on the bed, enjoying the sensation unprotected sex introduces to their encounter. There’s some great bareback porn waiting for you to explore at Staxus, including this hot update, which ends with a creamy facial to bring this scene to its sticky conclusion.

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Brandon Reed and Ryan Tyler - Jason Sparks Live

Direct Bareback Breeding Action is Now Showing at Jason Sparks Live

I have admired Jason Sparks Live for a while now and was really excited when Jason told me he had made the decision to shoot all of his scenes involving anal sex without the use of condoms. This has been going on for a while now, but the breeding scenes were not often captured. Jason has since starting including breeding climaxes in his scenes, starting off with the guys pulling out to cum and then fucking their loads back inside, but now they are ejaculating inside the guys asses without pulling out. This is fucking hot and Jason is now working on perfecting the showcasing of cum dribbling out of the guys asses. Jason Sparks Live is getting better and we’re now at the stage where the site is going to be producing some amazing bareback scenes with hot guys. Just Like Brandon Reed and Ryan Tyler in this update filmed in Jacksonville, Florida. These two are both new to porn and Jason puts them to work in this hot update, with some great bareback action filmed for your viewing pleasure.

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Vahn and Nathan - Gay Asian Twinkz

This Bareback Scene Features a Raw Sausage and a Cream Pie

I don’t know why we sometimes associate sex with food and maybe we don’t all do this, perhaps it’s just me! When this scene reaches it’s climax through a creampie, I figured I would try to be creative and incorporate another food angle in my post to keep things interesting. Whether I pulled this off is completely up to you, because you get to decide this, not me. Vahn and Nathan are the two twinks featured in this scene and they’re a couple of Asian lovers relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon. Vahn goes looking for Nathan and finds him lounging about in the shade of their stairs. While they start off discussing dinner plans, things finish off with bareback sausage for dinner – there’s that food reference again! Enjoy this update with lots more Asian bareback porn waiting for you at Gay Asian Twinkz, including some great bonus sites.

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Red and Adam Risso - Fuckermate

Fuckermate is a Fucking Awesome Site for Bareback Porn

I love checking out bareback porn sites that feature 100% bareback content, but sometimes sites featuring bareback porn also include condom scenes, possibly to cater to both condom and bareback audiences. You can find both bareback and condom scenes at Fuckermate and I have to say that the bareback scenes are totally awesome. I couldn’t tell you anything about the condom scenes, because they don’t interest me at all, but the bareback scenes on the other hand are great. This update features Adam Risso getting fucked raw by Red. Red has a pretty huge dick and Adam learns about this the hard way – while it’s enlarging inside his mouth and pounding his ass hard. There’s loads more raw action scenes like this one waiting for you to explore at Fuckermate, your newest friend for bareback porn.

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