John Parker and Karl Rossi - CockSure Men

European Guys Confident About Raw Cock Enjoy Bareback Fucking

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I think I’ve found something good about CockSure Men incorporating European bareback scenes at the site. It means you can now find a combination of both American and European bareback scenes inside the members area at CockSure Men, so this creates more variety than has ever been offered by the site before. This means that if you like a varied selection of bareback porn, you can now find this in one place at CockSure Men. This scene features John Parker barebacking Karl Rossi in a European update. If you like outdoor sex, you’re in luck with this scene, which adds another exciting element to the updates at the site, because the American updates are usually filmed inside, although there are some outdoor scenes that have been filmed in the American updates. If you like bareback breeding scenes, this is an update for you, with John fucking Karl’s ass bareback, before he pulls out and ejaculates around Karl’s wet hole, before shoving his raw cock back inside the finish unloading, as the they share a kiss together.

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Jason Valencia and Silas Gray - Bare Twinks

Twinks Desperate to Have Bareback Sex Get Exactly What They Desire

Jason Valencia and Silas Gray are two twinks desperate to have bareback sex and they didn’t deny themselves the pleasure they were seeking. These two guys get together and start things off by sucking on each others cocks shortly after stripping off and revealing their cocks, which were ready for some action! Jason and Silas played with each others cocks for a bit, jerking and sucking like they were totally hungry for each other, then they stepped up the sexual intensity when Jason slid his bare cock inside Silas’ ass and the two enjoyed a bareback fuck session that made them feel the pleasure they had been craving. Jason fucks Silas all over the bed, which causes Silas to squirt out a load of cum, then he’s ready to receive a facial after Jason pulls out and delivers a creamy load to his face, deep-throating his cock to taste his juicy load!

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Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder - Helix Studios

The Helix Studios Real Cam Captures Captivating Bareback Action

I really like the Real Cam scenes at Helix Studios, because this is where horny guys film themselves having bareback sex. I think some of the videos in this series do involve the use of condoms, but the bareback scenes have featured real-life couples who enjoy barebacking together. In this update, watch as boyfriends Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder share some intimate details through an interview, then more about their sexual side through a bareback flip-fuck that’s sure to create a rise in your pants, resulting in you needing to strip off, because your cock is sure to swell to a size where you underwear will be unable to cope with keeping your cock contained! Lukas and Jack tell us how they met on Jack’d, then they also share some other intimate details, including how they maintain a healthy relationship, with sex obviously being a part of their technique. Enjoy this scene and many more bareback videos at Helix Studios.

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Josh and Nathan - Asia Boy Video

Asian Twinks Become Bareback Fuck Buddies and Cum Eaters

If you like watching Asian guys having bareback sex, there’s a site you need to check out and it’s called Asia Boy Video. Here you will find loads of bareback sex videos featuring twinks having unprotected sex and you also get bonus access to a number of other Asian sites also featuring bareback porn, making a membership to this site excellent value for money and a great choice. Once you are a member you will have stacks of bareback porn at your fingertips and you won’t have to search the internet looking for something to get you excited, because it’s already in one place. Josh and Nathan decide to have bareback sex in this update, because it’s raining outside. They don’t want to get wet by going outside and soaked by the rain, so they stay inside, but they still get wet from cum that gets ejaculated after these two become pleasured from their indoor activities. After the guys enjoy cock sucking, rimming and barebacking, Josh pulls out of Nathan’s ass, then blows his cum shot directly into Nathan’s open mouth, where he enjoys the taste that came from the sexual encounter these two enjoyed together.

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Christopher Daniels and Taye Knight - Lucas Entertainment

Interracial Pairing Results in a Totally Hot Bareback Sex Video

It seems like I just recently featured a bareback update from Lucas Entertainment here and that’s because it’s totally true. There is so much bareback porn being released by the studio, that I have no choice but to introduce you to the hot action here. I have even tried to cull some of the scenes to ensure you don’t receive an over-saturation of porn from one studio, but the porn is so hot that I don’t want you to miss out on anything. This is a hot update that culminates from Christopher Daniels getting his ass fucked raw by Taye Knight in an interracial bareback sex scene that’s sure to add some stiffness to your cock as you watch these two fucking raw. These two guys look amazing together and this is a fantastic bareback sex scene waiting for you to enjoy at Lucas Entertainment.

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Aaron and Cody - Euro Boy XXX

Two Adorable British Guys Enjoy the Pleasure of Bareback Sex

Aaron and Cody are a couple of adorable British guys who enjoy the pleasure of bareback sex as they appear in this update at Euro Boy XXX called Fuck Me Bareback. This series follows a number of guys who decide the best way to fuck is bareback. Aaron and Cody strip each other bare and explore each others holes, with these slender twinks using their stiff boners to pleasure each other. As you can see from this photo, the guys seem really happy to have found themselves in such a position and if you want to find more British bareback action, you’ll find it at Euro Boy XXX!

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U Smoke It U Suck It - FraternityX

Dude Who Steals a Cigarette is Made to Suck on a Bunch of Cocks

Brad thought it would be completely okay to steal a cigarette, but the guys at the fraternity are very passionate about their personal items, including cigarettes and alcohol, and discovered that he was going to be punished for his simple moment of pleasure. The price to pay for stealing one cigarette involves having to suck the cocks of four of his horny fraternity brothers, then get fucked bareback by each of them. This nineteen minute video is a hot one and as you’re about to discover, the barebacking is intense and most enjoyable to watch. I’ve got a feeling that Brad might continue to take items from his frat buddies so he can get things in return, like a bunch of stiff cocks barebacking his ass!

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Chad Brock and Preston Johnson - Breed Me Raw

Hairy Hunk Gives a Smooth Hole His Juicy Load After Bareback Sex

Chad Brock has appeared in a whole bunch of bareback sex videos, so he’s well accustomed to barebacking and breeding his load inside other guys. He’s also received plenty of raw action inside his own ass as well. In this update from Breed Me Raw, Chad has bareback sex with Preston Johnson and slides his stiff prick inside Preston’s smooth asshole, where the two enjoy the skin-on-skin friction that bareback sex is all about. Chad fucks Preston in just about every position you could possibly imagine before offering his load to bring this scene to a very sticky climax.

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Dakota White and Elijah Young - Bare Twinks

Bare Twinks has Been Redesigned and is Now Even Better than Before

If you haven’t enjoyed the barebacking twinks featured at Bare Twinks lately, then you might want to take a fresh look at their site, because the tour pages have been redesigned and they now include details about the latest scene additions, so you can now find out the dates when scenes have been added to the site, making this more informative than the previous static version of the tour pages that really didn’t tell you much about what had been added to the site. In this scene you get to watch Dakota White fucking his load of cum inside Elijah Young. That’s another improvement that has been made to the site – there are more breeding scenes being featured, which definitely makes the bareback videos more exciting to watch. After Dakota breeds his load inside Elijah’s freshly fucked ass, Elijah jerks out his own creamy load for Dakota to taste.

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Austin Chandler and Armond Rizzo - Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment Demands Your Attention with Hot Bareback Porn

I have to admit that when I first learned that Michael Lucas was going to feature bareback porn at his gay porn site Lucas Entertainment, I was a little skeptical about how raunchy the porn was going to be, considering his earlier stance against bareback sex. First the studio released bareback scenes featuring real-life couples, then bareback scenes with models were released and it didn’t take long before hot breeding action was featured. I must say that I am very impressed with the bareback porn at Lucas Entertainment and I highly recommend the site to anyone looking for quality bareback porn videos. This scene featuring Austin Chandler and Armond Rizzo is the perfect example of the kind of bareback porn you will find inside the members area at the site. Make sure you check it out, because I think you’ll also be impressed by what you see.

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