Adam Archuleta and Rhys Jagger - Bel Ami Online

Experienced Bel Ami Model Breaks in a Newbie to Bareback Sex

Adam Archuleta is given the plum role of introducing a new model to the wonders of bareback sex at the studio. Rhys Jagger is the newcomer who is taught the ins and outs of condom-free sex by Adam. Rhys takes Adam’s cock like a pro, so it looks like he is already skilled in this area from what I can. Rhys shows great promise as being one of the studios shining new stars and I think we’ll be seeing plenty more of him based on his performance in this scene, so let’s stay tuned to hopefully see more of Rhys at Bel Ami Online!

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Vitor and Miguel - Bang Bang Boys

South American Bareback Sex Brings Raw Action to Your Computer

The beauty of watching bareback porn on your computer is that it’s available on demand, whenever you feel the need. The great part is you can watch bareback porn that has been produced in different parts of the world, without having to travel to those places to watch the action personally. That is why this scene from Bang Bang Boys is great – you don’t have to visit South America to see Vitor and Miguel having bareback sex, because you can watch them fucking raw in the comfort of your own home, or wherever your computer is located. Vitor uses his uncovered cock to probe the depths of his fuck buddy’s ass and it’s a hot encounter that has been filmed for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy this exciting update right now at Bang Bang Boys!

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Alexander Dorch and Shane Hirch - Staxus

Bareback Fucking on a Motorbike in the Outdoors is Awesome

You can have bareback sex in all sorts of places, including on a motorbike, as Alexander Dorch and Shane Hirch demonstrate in this video release from Staxus. Some people have sex on a bed or a couch, while others like to drive a raw cock inside a bare ass on top of a motorbike and there’s nothing wrong with that if it turns you on. The guys slurp on each others cocks like they’ve been starved for cock all their life, then it comes time for the unprotected sex, which is definitely a pleasure to watch. Shane fucks Alexander with his stiff fuck stick and the guys enjoy the raw delights that only a condom-free cock can bring to their encounter. Just before you think this scene is reaching its climax, you’ll also get to enjoy watching the guys flip positions, with both assuming topping and bottoming roles, before their creamy loads of cum fly into the atmosphere!

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Blue Bailey, Adam Russo, Jay Brix, Dylan Strokes and Dean Brody - Raw Fuck Club

Four Horny Guys Enjoy a Bareback Sex Orgy at Raw Fuck Club

There’s always hot bareback action taking place at Raw Fuck Club and that is because the site is filled with bareback porn and nothing but raw sex action! Don’t expect to find any condoms at Raw Fuck Club, unless they’re used to fill an ass with cum! This is a great orgy scene featuring Blue Bailey, Adam Russo, Jay Brix, Dylan Strokes and Dean Brody in a video directed by Nick Moretti, who has appeared in numerous bareback videos himself, so he definitely knows what he’s doing when he’s behind the camera. Enjoy the loads of cum that flow after the guys finish barebacking and breeding a bunch of freshly fucked holes.

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Elder Buckley and Elder Riley - Mormon Boyz

Two Mormons Enjoy Bareback Sex After a Hard Day Pounding the Pavement

Elder Buckley and Elder Riley think they have the church to themselves after they spent a hard day pounding the pavement, sharing the gospel with people who invited them into their homes. While they thought they were alone, Brother Newman overhears them talking about fucking, so he watches them as he jacks off. Elder Buckley has an impressive cock, which blows Elder Riley away as it slides inside his ass without a sheath protecting his juices from flowing inside of him when it’s time for him to release his load of semen. Elder Riley totally loves the sensation of being fucked raw and asks Elder Buckley to fuck him harder, which he does. The guys fuck in a number of different positions, with the guys assuming the perfect position for them to cum in. When Elder Buckley feels he is getting closer to cumming, he speeds up and pulls Elder Riley deeper on his dick, until he can’t take it any longer and pulls his stiff dick out and cums all over Elder Riley’s hole, then shoves his cock back inside, pushing all of his cum deep inside Elder Riley’s asshole, with a few more thrusts to ensure his cock has been drained and cleaned inside his hole. This is a very hot update waiting for you to watch right nowat Mormon Boyz.

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Byron and Glenn - ChaosMen

Wife Agrees for her Husband to Have Bareback Sex with Another Man

When I read about Byron being given permission to have bareback sex with another guy by his wife who is very pregnant, I couldn’t help but think about how open this couple is towards sex. I know a lot of guys just do porn for the money, but when your pregnant wife is letting you get fucked raw by another guy and filled with his load of cum as well, you have to wonder about the situation. Glenn is the dude who fucks Byron in the ass and Byron seems to really enjoy having another man fucking his ass. Byron does get to fuck Glenn in the ass for a bit as well, but it’s Glenn’s breeding climax that makes this scene super hot!

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Ali Montero and Javier Perez - Ayor Studios

Two Guys Have Bareback Sex After Strolling Through Prague at Night

This update comes to you from Ayor Studios and features Ali Montero and Javier Perez having bareback sex after enjoying a night in Prague. For several hours, these two enjoyed each others company, strolling through the city at night and it seems they wanted to get to know each other more intimately, meeting up together at Javier’s home the next morning where they have bareback sex and get to know the ins and outs of each other!

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Able and Ricky - Dudes Raw

Sofa Becomes the Perfect Place for an Ultra Hot Bareback Fuck

Able is resting on the sofa when he’s interrupted by the presence of Ricky entering the room. Ricky is turned on and feels totally horny, so the two guys know what will make them feel great and that’s some bareback sex on the sofa. With some cocksucking to make both of these studs hard, the raw action begins, with Able fucking Ricky bareback, then breeding his warm load inside his ass. When I was at Dudes Raw checking out this scene, I read this comment from CUMPIG4ME: “This is my fav scene ever.. the guys are hot, great chemistry.. awesome job!!”. If you want to experience this scene for yourself, head on over to Dudes Raw and take a look at the bareback porn waiting for you to explore.

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Evan Stone and Jacobey London - Bare Twinks

Two Horny Twinks Put their Boners to Work Bareback Style

When you’ve got a boner and you want to put it to good use, you could consider doing something like Evan Stone and Jacobey London, or you could just jack off watching bareback porn, the choice is yours. Let’s find out more about what these two horny twinks got up to in this scene from Bare Twinks. Both guys were hanging out together, when their boners emerged from their pants. Knowing they had to deal with the situation, they could have just let their boners go away without doing anything, or they could have put their boners to use by having bareback sex. They decide to fuck raw and have some fun before their boners disappear, although I’m sure their stiff dicks will return in no time at all, being a couple of horny guys! After the guys enjoy giving each other blow jobs and Evan’s ass enjoys some rimming courtesy of Jacobey’s talented tongue, Jacobey slips his uncovered cock inside Evan’s ass and starts fucking him raw. The guys enjoy barebacking in numerous positions all over the bed and beside it, before the guys release their loads. This is a very hot update featuring a couple of guys who know who good it feels to fuck raw.

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Michael Lucas, David Lonnstrom and Felipe Ferre - Lucas Entertainment

Michael Lucas Becomes Part of a Bareback Sex Threesome

Michael Lucas has found himself in an enviable position, being the person in charge at his own gay porn studio. Michael sometimes appears in scenes at Lucas Entertainment and in this update he has decided to appear in a bareback sex threesome alongside David Lonnstrom and Felipe Ferre, Michael can’t decide which guy he wants to fuck raw, so he takes turns barebacking David and Felipe, making sure both of their asses have been given careful attention by his bare cock before he unloads and offers a creamy climax, bringing this scene to an end. There are many more bareback videos like this one waiting for you at Lucas Entertainment.

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