Bay and Troi - ChaosMen

Horny Studs Enjoy Barebacking on the Public Bathroom Floor

Bay and Troi became sexually aroused when they found themselves in the public bathroom, so they had to explore where their hormones would take them. If you like watersports action, you’ll get to enjoy seeing some of this in this ChaosMen G:hOle gloryhole scene, with a few scenes like this one available at the site. You’ll also get to enjoy watching the guys sucking, rimming and bareback pounding, with Troi using his uncovered cock to work his way inside Bay’s asshole. Fans of bareback breeding are also in for a treat, with Troi squeezing out his load as Bay sits on his cock as he’s ejaculating. It seems like most of the load stayed inside, because only a small amount of bodily fluid leaked out, but it’s hot knowing that Bay was walking around with Troi’s load inside of him!

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Orlando White and Yuri Adamov - Staxus

Two Horny European Dudes Enjoy Bareback Sex in Elegant Surroundings

It doesn’t really matter where you have bareback sex, just as a long as a bare cock is entering a raw hole and that’s what you get in this update from Staxus. Yuri Adamov and Orlando White are the two European dudes in this update and while they could have enjoyed barebacking together in just about any location, they decide to incorporate some elegance into their sexual encounter by having bareback sex in a room that feels luxurious. Orlando slips his uncovered cock inside Yuri’s hole and these two sexy guys enjoy barebacking on the bed, enjoying the sensation unprotected sex introduces to their encounter. There’s some great bareback porn waiting for you to explore at Staxus, including this hot update, which ends with a creamy facial to bring this scene to its sticky conclusion.

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Brandon Reed and Ryan Tyler - Jason Sparks Live

Direct Bareback Breeding Action is Now Showing at Jason Sparks Live

I have admired Jason Sparks Live for a while now and was really excited when Jason told me he had made the decision to shoot all of his scenes involving anal sex without the use of condoms. This has been going on for a while now, but the breeding scenes were not often captured. Jason has since starting including breeding climaxes in his scenes, starting off with the guys pulling out to cum and then fucking their loads back inside, but now they are ejaculating inside the guys asses without pulling out. This is fucking hot and Jason is now working on perfecting the showcasing of cum dribbling out of the guys asses. Jason Sparks Live is getting better and we’re now at the stage where the site is going to be producing some amazing bareback scenes with hot guys. Just Like Brandon Reed and Ryan Tyler in this update filmed in Jacksonville, Florida. These two are both new to porn and Jason puts them to work in this hot update, with some great bareback action filmed for your viewing pleasure.

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Vahn and Nathan - Gay Asian Twinkz

This Bareback Scene Features a Raw Sausage and a Cream Pie

I don’t know why we sometimes associate sex with food and maybe we don’t all do this, perhaps it’s just me! When this scene reaches it’s climax through a creampie, I figured I would try to be creative and incorporate another food angle in my post to keep things interesting. Whether I pulled this off is completely up to you, because you get to decide this, not me. Vahn and Nathan are the two twinks featured in this scene and they’re a couple of Asian lovers relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon. Vahn goes looking for Nathan and finds him lounging about in the shade of their stairs. While they start off discussing dinner plans, things finish off with bareback sausage for dinner – there’s that food reference again! Enjoy this update with lots more Asian bareback porn waiting for you at Gay Asian Twinkz, including some great bonus sites.

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Red and Adam Risso - Fuckermate

Fuckermate is a Fucking Awesome Site for Bareback Porn

I love checking out bareback porn sites that feature 100% bareback content, but sometimes sites featuring bareback porn also include condom scenes, possibly to cater to both condom and bareback audiences. You can find both bareback and condom scenes at Fuckermate and I have to say that the bareback scenes are totally awesome. I couldn’t tell you anything about the condom scenes, because they don’t interest me at all, but the bareback scenes on the other hand are great. This update features Adam Risso getting fucked raw by Red. Red has a pretty huge dick and Adam learns about this the hard way – while it’s enlarging inside his mouth and pounding his ass hard. There’s loads more raw action scenes like this one waiting for you to explore at Fuckermate, your newest friend for bareback porn.

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Bo Nash and Donny Forza - Dallas Reeves

Watching Bareback Porn on Your Mobile Phone is Just the Beginning

Bo Nash was watching porn on his mobile phone, when Donny Forza greeted him. After Donny noticed what Bo was doing, he made a suggestion. While Bo was enjoying the porn using his mobile device, he couldn’t turn down Donny’s offer, which was to have sex with him. Bo starts sucking Donny’s cock and making it all juicy in preparation for his bareback penetration. Based on what you see on your computer screen (or mobile device), it looks like Bo was very pleased with his decision to let Donny have bareback sex with him. There’s plenty more bareback porn waiting for you at Dallas Reeves, which is where this scene originates from.

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Dustin Gold and Damien Wolfe - Helix Studios

Bareback Sex Helps Make an Unwell Twink Feel So Much Better

Damien Wolfe wasn’t feeling too well, so he decided to stay home and rest, spending the day with Dustin Gold in this update from Helix Studios. Dustin seems to be exactly what is needed to make Damien feel better and he does his best to take care of him. Dustin decides to utilize his cock as the tool for therapeutic wonders and uses his cock to fuck Damien in the ass. The friction of Dustin’s bare cock sliding inside and out of Damien’s sweet ass makes him feel better, with the smooth motion resulting in a soothing sensation that assists with his relaxation and recovery. While bareback sex might not be able to offer the same benefits to everyone as these two, it’s definitely fun giving it a try!

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Paul Canon and Dimitri Thomas - Broke Straight Boys

Two Loads of Cum After Barebacking Cash Up Two Straight Boys

Lots of guys love having sex for free because it feels great, but when it comes to porn, a cash incentive is usually offered because these guys are putting themselves in the public arena for all to see and when you’re having sex with another guy, you’re putting it all out there for everyone to enjoy. If you consider yourself straight and you’re having sex with another guy, then it’s probably all about the money, but I can’t help but wonder whether some of these guys keep fucking other guys in the personal lives after they discover how good it feels. Paul Canon has enjoyed appearing in numerous scenes at Broke Straight Boys and in this scene he gets his ass barebacked by Dimitri Thomas. This is Dimitri’s first time having sex with another guy and he tells us that he’s open minded and it seems like he wants to give it a try. Paul helps make him feel comfortable and the two actually film a great scene together. Dimitri does a great job fucking Paul in a variety of positions where he’s begging for more, so Dimitri must be doing something right! These two produce a couple of creamy loads before they get paid for their encounter together, while we get to enjoy the visual delights they have provided us with.

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Christopher Daniels and Sebastian Young - Lucas Entertainment

Sebastian Young Uses His Bareback Cock at Lucas Entertainment

Sebastian Young has previously worked for Lucas Entertainment in a scene at Lucas Raunch, but now he’s back filming bareback scenes for the studio. There have already been a number of bareback scenes Sebastian has filmed with Lucas Entertainment and this is the first raw scene featuring Sebastian barebacking Christopher Daniels. There’s some fantastic action captured in this update, with Christopher’s ass taking a pounding from Sebastian’s uncovered cock. The rubbers have been removed and now Sebastian can unleash his raw cock in bareback scenes at Lucas Entertainment. Stay tuned for more hot bareback porn from the studio I’ll be presenting here for your viewing pleasure very soon!

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Dakota White and Zack Love - Bare Twinks

Jacking Off Together Results in Two Twinks Having Bareback Sex

Dakota White suggests to his friend Zack Love that they should jack off together, because they’re friends who like to help each other out and make each other feel good. Zack is immediately interested in the idea and the two twinks whip out their cocks and start playing with each others dicks, that begin to stiffen as they’re giving each other special attention. Naturally once you get an erection, you want more, so Dakota and Zack decide to start sucking each others cocks. Now things are feeling great and these two horny twinks are about to take their adventure even further, with Dakota sliding his stiff dick inside Zack’s bare hole. This is probably what Dakota wanted all along – to slide his raw cock inside his buddy’s tight hole so they could enjoy bareback sex together. This is a great scene that finishes with Zack squirting a load of cum from his cock for Dakota to taste, then a nice load spurts from Dakota’s cock, which he pushes back inside Zack’s hole for some creamy goodness shared between these two horny twinks!

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